Pure. Simple. Classic. Extravagant. Imaginative. Yellow, rosé or red. Rings from TitanFactory with high-quality gold are not just jewellery, but part of an attitude to life and expression of individuality. For all those who are not satisfied with the ordinary, titanium rings with gold and precious diamonds are a popular choice.

We attach great importance to work with the best materials of fair origin and are convinced that high quality materials just feel better.

We source our precious metals exclusively from refineries that are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. They undertake to comply with the RJC Code of Practice. This Code of Conduct covers human rights, working conditions, environmental impacts and mining practices.

Gold alloys

In combination with silver and copper, gold occurs most frequently as 333, 585 and 750 gold alloys. The numbers represent the per mil value of the fine gold contained in the alloy, i. e. the proportion of pure gold. The best known and most commonly used types of gold are the typical golden yellow gold, the reddish rose gold and red gold due to the higher copper content and the very light white gold.

TitanFactory mainly processes 750 gold: This corresponds to an alloy with a fine gold content of 75%.

Gold colours

The cool looking white gold goes best with a light complexion. Puristic-minimalist design is most likely to find its equivalent in white gold. Yellow gold is best for sun types with bronzed skin. Red and rose gold are real flatterers and perfectly match every skin type.