Titanium is our passion. That is why we have been manufacturing modern partner rings, engagement rings and wedding bands made of titanium since 2004. Hardly any other metal has so many positive material properties. But the most important thing for us is: Titanium is simply perfect for the puristic design language of the TITANFACTORY designs.

Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant

Titanium is known as a metal used in aerospace, medical technology and extreme sports. It has been a popular and indispensable material in the jewellery industry for many years. In addition to its surprising lightness, titanium also impresses with the best biomedical compatibility of all materials, making titanium jewellery particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. 

For more than a decade, more than 40 TITANFACTORY employees have been developing and manufacturing titanium jewellery in Waldstetten, Baden-Württemberg. 

Expressive versatility

Titanium radiates great elegance through its warm grey tone alone. It becomes particularly expressive with a finish: sometimes matt, sometimes glossy or with a sophisticated three-dimensional structure. With titanium as the environment, the fire of a diamond is incomparably brilliantly accentuated. White metals shine more intensely, the strong colours of yellow and red gold get a mild note. The lighter metal gives the hip carbon a certain lightness. These combinations become even more attractive with differently worked surfaces.

Lightweight and durable

Jewellery from TITANFACTORY is ideal for people who are looking for the extraordinary. If you look at the material properties, titanium shines with a whole range of other advantages: Even at high temperatures, the jewellery is nicely cool and pleasant to wear. Despite its lightness, the metal is very resistant and beautiful for a long time. He doesn't mind acids and alkalis. Any scratches remain on the surface and can be easily removed from matt and brushed jewellery. And last but not least: Not only sensitive skin appreciates the anti-allergic abilities of pure titanium. Classified as a biomaterial, it is even used for implants in surgery and dentistry.