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Titanium Wedding Rings
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Carbon Titanium & Carbon


Titanium & Carbon

High-tech material in combination with traditional craftsmanship. The special feature of the carbon rings is the wrapping technique, making each ring unique. Kohlestofffassern be incorporated in handcrafts.
Ceramic titanium & ceramic


Titanium & Ceramic

A special connection. Ceramics is one of the hardest materials in the world.
As titanium is it's easy, scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for jewelry processing.
Fascinating structured surfaces


Fascinating surfaces

Titanfactory finished in the latest collection "TI for Two" skillfully surfaces by various finishing processes. Whether matte, glossy or refined three-dimensional structure.
Yellow Gold & Titanium Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

Titanium & Yellow Gold

Bicolore rings feature the varied play of colors. The warm yellow gold and cool titanium complement each other perfectly, creating a perfect combination.
Rose gold rose gold titanium &

Rose gold

Titanium & Rose Gold

Titanium is a high-tech material that combines opposites. The cool sheen of titanium in combination with a delicate rose gold. An extraordinary connection.
Palladium titanium and palladium


Titanium and palladium

With his characteristic platinum hue and its bright luster sets new standards in palladium wedding ring style. In conjunction with titanium jewelry created with a special elegance.
Silver Titanium & Silver


Titanium & Silver

Titanium jewelry enjoys a unique shimmering look. In conjunction with the white shiny silver to create unique pieces of jewelry.
Pure titanium only


Titan only

Jewelry made of titanium - Restrained and expressive, light and durable. Titanium jewelery surprise for their lightness and their noble, elegant look.